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7: What do you think?

Dear Friend,


Think of the vast amount of time that you have spent over the past 60 weeks opening and reading my weekly letters… I don’t take it lightly. Thank you.


If you’ve scrolled ahead, you’ll see that there aren’t any of Frank’s photos. So sorry about that. We’ll pick up on our collaboration next week. For now, I’ll stay the course, keeping the benefits of brevity in mind.  


Words have meaning, as you well know, and sometimes a small few are strung together to create a memorably clever, humorous, significant line and a ‘Quote’ is born. You have birthed some doozies, yes?  I believe it is possible that you have whether or not you consider yourself to be famous.


There are hundreds of thousands of famous Quotes from all over the world – they are added to images on social media, used on greeting cards, in political speeches… they can be pithy, emotive, humorous, all clever and all memorable… and though it can be easy to embrace the meaning of the words, do you think that it is important to consider their source?


I ask you that question without singling out any one quote. For instance, what if you found out that your favorite quote was attributed to your least favorite historical figure? Would that change the way you experience the words, their succinct meaning? It might give new perspective but does it negate the significance? It’s just something I’ve been pondering for a while.

What do you think?


Meanwhile, on to a much lighter matter. I found this while culling my files… thought I’d share it with you.


My New Year Promise 


With all of the happy wishes given at this time of year, I had a sudden thought earlier today: My dog has survived a great deal, and he seems very happy, yet he doesn’t make superstitious wishes, he’s a dog!


I will follow his lead. 

I will cease pelting fountains with pennies.

I’ll take the cake as is, keep the candles for emergencies.

No more star-searching for me. 

No more looking for four-leaf-clovers. 

Never again will I play tug-o-war with an old turkey bone.

No more wasting my breath on dandelion fluff.  

I’ll save my breath for living. I’ll take life as it comes.  I’ll be just like my dog.  Happy.


So, on our walk just now, I promised him, “Winchester, I am going to follow your lead.  I’m going to take life just as it comes.”


He glanced up at me, wagged his tail and then continued on up the sidewalk, sniffing and peeing and sniffing and peeing. 


“Why do you have to pee on everything?” I sighed.


He paused his sniffing for a moment and replied, “For good luck!”


Leslie Bevans     January 1st 2019



Thank you again for being here to read Tracks by the Post. Write to me if you’d like, and share a quote or two.


Have a wonderful week!


Gently Be,



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