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A Note to YOU, the Reader:

Dear Reader,

I am truly grateful to you for reading Beyond the Weakened Thread, I hope that you enjoyed your journey!

If you haven't already, I would appreciate it immensely if you would please leave a review! Without your review, other readers won't know if they should dare to venture into the Land of Beyond.

May a gigantic thank you hug envelope every reader that has shared their thoughts in the following reviews.

Sincerely, Leslie (and Everyone in the Land of Beyond).

Beyond the Weakened Thread

An enchanting read

It's amazing that anybody can actually create a work like Beyond the Weakened Thread, with its charm and eloquence. The perfect word for this tale is enchanting. I stand in awe of Leslie Bevans' incredible imagination and her ability to take her readers on a delightful journey into a world that one reviewer calls 'a world where innocence and kindness are not strange or unique.' This book presents a perfect opportunity for parents to read to their children. I believe it will enrich their lives.

Jo Chandler - Young Adult Fiction Author

spellbinding journey

Beyond the Weakened Thread is an adventure into a realm that few of us have experienced since childhood. This delightful saga will cast readers of all ages into a spellbinding journey as they meet the Queen, the Mundle, Auntie Moave, Ned the Sea Snake, that Crow and many more. A delightfully illustrated book for both parents and children alike, it serves to teach and to remind us of the important values of compassion, kindness and unpredictability in life's adventures. If I were to pick one book to read to my granddaughter, it would be Beyond the Weakened Thread.

W. Garland Windle DDS


for if it wasn't, your understanding wouldn't be quite so unique.

Sir Emery the Great Horned Toad

innocence and kindness

The story creates a huge and fantastic world that the reader can't help but to become completely immersed in. The illustrations firmly support the reader's mental images of the written descriptions. The story's characters suspend the reader on a journey through a world where innocence and kindness are not strange or unique.

Merckx Feenstra

Beyond the Weakened Thread

This enchanting and moving tale, along with the unique and detailed illustrations, combine to capture and assure the reader that kindness dwells in the heart of every grateful creature.

Jan Hutchinson, Ph.D. Family Literacy Director

feast for the imagination

Beyond the Weakened Thread is a transformative life experience served as a feast for the imagination. Bevans gives rare, eloquent voice to the lessons of kindness that are usually beyond the reach of words.
Leslie Bevans has crafted a masterpiece, an epic adventure that engages and expands the reader's imagination, sense of humor, and compassion. Beyond the Weakened Thread has the quality and substance of the world's finest literature, and appeals to readers young and old.

Lee Hoffman

Enter the fantasy world

of woodland creatures created by Leslie Bevans in Beyond the Weakened Thread. Through her vivid imagination, we become involved with the lives of her characters: mammals, birds, reptiles, a bee, and many others. We witness the creatures' abundance of compassion, generosity and courage expressed in meeting each other and in facing the challenges of survival. The virtue of kindness is evident in almost every character when they give their all to each new and suspenseful adventure. An amazing and wonderfully inspirational book.

Gail Cosmo

A wonderful epic adventure

told through the imagination of Leslie Bevans. A very entertaining story dealing with kindness and consequences. I felt that the friends i've met in the Westernlands are now old friends. I have enjoyed spending time with these noble creatures. They have made me laugh and cry and most of all, they've welcomed me as a guest in their land. All the while, they've kept me wondering what's around the next corner...

Frank Bevans

A beautiful book

The characters in the book remind me of the toys and dolls I played with as a child.

L. A. Litrell

a joy to read

I think that it would appeal to readers and listeners of many different ages. Nothing in it is unsuitable for young audiences, yet there are subtleties and little brush strokes of wisdom and humor that probably only a grown-up would consciously pick up. So if you need a great present for a reader young or old, this could be an excellent choice for anyone who loves action-filled fantasy with unexpected twists and turns, or who loves animals, or who loves savoring the tender drama of a life undergoing the process of redemption.

The characters are endearing, in some cases very quirky, but all believable. The wandering Queen Bee, as abysmal as her personality is at the beginning, is nevertheless very lovable. Actually, she is so dysfunctionally awful that I'm not sure she is all that lovable at first! But because she is in such great peril, and because so many of the others in the story show (often heroic) love for her, and because the bees are important, we WANT her character to improve. We're just not sure how terrible her circumstances will have to become for that to happen. (Warning: Her circumstances do indeed become rather dire at times).

From time to time a phrase or expression comes along that is so memorable that we have to "claim it." You'll have to read the book to see where this phrase comes from!

The book contains many whimsical line drawings, the print is bright and clear, and the editing and binding are lovely.

This was a very enjoyable read! I love the wide range of characters, the beautiful settings, and how the story has so many interesting twists and turns.

Wendy Payton

treasured friends

Leslie Bevans weaves a story that captures the reader's imagination and gives them the hope that change is inevitable, always possible and often for the better. Each of the individual characters has a unique life of his/her own, but just as we do in life, find themselves influenced by those around them. As with treasured friends, the reader will be left wanting to know more and is left wanting to continue with them on the journey.


a Homeric tale

Beyond the Weakened Thread is a Homeric tale of self-discovery, family, and community set in a landscape of talking creatures of every sort. Through the adventures of one overindulged lone bee, at first selfish and rude (and apparently quite clueless), the story unfolds an awakening of moral imagination. From misunderstandings, selfishness and plain gossip to kindness, resolve, and leadership, the author lays out the consequences of the characters' choices in subtle and often humorous lessons. Readers will find more than a tale of virtues. The story seamlessly weaves in topics such as geography, weather, life science, and navigation. As is currently published in one 700+ page volume, the book is weighty. This epic tale would be well-suited for juniors in a multi-volume set.

Leslie Ide

a treasure to be shared

Written in delightful prose and verse, with richly illustrated text, Beyond the Weakened Thread takes the reader to a world where kindness and caring create a new perception of life for a lonely queen bee. This book is a treasure to be shared as a read-aloud with children you love, encouraging many enjoyable discussions as the story flows!

Nora Proschold

an uplifting experience

In a world where movies and media too-often exploit darker energies, it's an uplifting experience and a breath of fresh air to travel with the Queen to meet so many noble-minded creatures who care about each other and their community. If all children (and their parents!) would read this imaginative story, planet earth might be a better place to call home.

Bradley A. Slocum

where kindness rules

If you are looking for a charming book to read to your children, grandchildren or yourself, Beyond the Weakened Thread is a great choice. It is a creative, fantastic entry into a magical world of nature, filled with lovable, imaginative bees, toads, hare, skunks, fish, birds and more. Many are delighted to join the Queen for tea and cakes. All the major virtues shine through the many adventures, where kindness rules.

Connie Clark


I entered into the reading of Beyond the Weakened Thread with the full knowledge that it was a children's tale. Perhaps it was only an assumption. As I followed the main character, I began to see that it was a story of growing up, and growing into that person that we most want to be. And more than that, of growing into a community. The story is set in a whimsical land of whimsical creatures whose lives populate a wonderful community with beautiful traditions, not the least of which is it's whimsical teas. I since often find myself craving hooly moss tea! A beautiful story, Leslie! I impatiently await it's sequel!

Ric Yost

About Beyond the Weakened Thread

written and illustrated by Leslie Bevans ISBN-13:978-0-9906186-0-7 An adventure based on the purpose of kindness. The Queen was a baby before you were born. She was raised on the succulent flowers of corn and the pollen of clover and dandelion fluff, as princess bees always are fed the best stuff... and then, without proper training in the Ways of Bees, well, let's just say, she became demanding and all the bees left her because she was mean. We join this clueless Queen bee on her journey into the Land of Beyond as she flies for the first time and winds up outside the security of her hive and all she's ever known. Natural consequences catch up with her throughout her adventure - and so do creatures of all sorts. Everyone in the Land of Beyond is depending on this seemingly inept Queen bee. Maybe if she learns the Ways of Bees, the bees will return. Until then, the plight of the Queen is the plight of the land and without the bees, the land will perish. First edition (limited, numbered) signature happily included upon request This 7" x 10" book weighs 2 lbs, (63 chapters) 734 pgs, printed and perfect bound in the USA. Illustrations, prose, verse, glossary and map. 

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