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5: memories

Dear Friend,

This is going to be a sort of short, check in letter, though I hope to cover some things of interest, I’m mostly writing to let you know that I’m thinking of you, hoping, as always, that you are doing well, staying healthy, warm, sheltered from the storm. And, how is the weather where you are? And more importantly, how are you?

It’s been a week of review for me. I’ve been consolidating and reorganizing my computer hard drive on which two decades worth of photos and videos are stored. People change over the years and I’m not talking about the people in the photos and videos. Time has gifted me a lot of life experiences and lessons and my perspective has shifted, along with how I react to memories.

This photo has always meant a lot to me, Winchester with his very first, Best Friend, the lady that gifted him to us, Frank’s sister, Andrea. I have always been glad that Frank took this photo; it shows how small Winchester was as a puppy and documents how much he was loved from the very first day of his life, September 10th, 2006, when Andrea’s dog, Rose, had her pups. But now, when I see this photo, I immediately focus on the Joy in Andrea’s smile and I can hear her happy laugh. This photo is a precious memory of her and the love of life that she shared. It is an image that reminds me of her dedication and encouragement, her beauty and tenacity. Through this photo, I am prompted to review … and I am grateful for her presence in my life.


And though we will never forget Winchester, these photos bring back memories of life with a puppy… sometimes we forget the training days, nights, and in-betweens ...

... and sometimes we forget how much he really taught us about patience, consistency and ‘unconditional love.’ He was certainly our ever-present Friend and always will be.

It is true that life throws all kinds of tricky pitches at us, some with no warning and at full speed. Life happens to everyone. Memories can be emotionally draining if we let them, and they can also be reminders of our resilience, they can bolster our gratitude for the lessons learned and the goodness that comes with participating in life.

To remember is a gift, it’s up to us to decide how we’ll use this gift.

I had the opportunity to meet a woman who was about to celebrate her birthday, she laughed when she couldn't quickly remember which one. (Let's just say, she was born before 1940). Over several-dozen visits with her, she told me story after story of her youth and of her career and of her family. She was articulate and focused, able to recount her experiences with humor and grace. It was an honor to get to spend time with Dorothy. She had lived through a great deal of hardship but did not consider herself to be a victim, rather, she continuously underscored how fortunate she was; she lived her life with a grateful heart.

Winchester loved to visit Friends!


Thank you for your care and for taking the time to read Tracks by the Post. If you’d like to drop us a line, send a shot across our bow, write us a note, get in touch, say hi… please do –CONTACT US

Have a good week,

Gently Be,

Leslie (and Frank)

Ps: I’m continuously thanking you for your patience if you experience any dust or clamor when visiting EgretTracks in the next couple of weeks. ~ Leslie


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