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23: wherever you are

Dear Friend,


Just in case you have been out and about all day, Welcome Back to your Computer, Phone, or Tablet/Pad!  Maybe you’ve had a huge, full, crazy day at the water slides, or you’ve spent your morning, and afternoon, training at a Search and Rescue Clinic, with your recently adopted pup… and here you are, reading Tracks by the Post…


Friend, wherever you are, however you spent your day, thank you for being here!


When is the last time you went on a Sunday drive? (A Sunday drive can happen any day of the week, by the way). I know that gas prices are inhibiting… otherwise, I’d ask if you’d like to make an adventure out of a drive this week, take a new-to-you-turn and see where the road takes you… travel through old farm land, orchards, or down wine-country roads…

While you’re enjoying the scenery, you might see a large, colorful, geometric shape, painted on (or on display near) a farmhouse or barn. It’s possible that what you are seeing is a ‘Quilt Square,’ and it is probably not the only one you’ll see along that road!


Each square will be unique to the family or community of the farm or barn. The smaller pieces that make up each square often have significant meanings and combined within the square, are, in some way, a story-like representation of the family or community.


Please visit the website of ‘AllPeopleQuilt’ and get on your way to becoming a Barn Quilt aficionado!  


Frank and I have visited several of the stops on the El Dorado County Farm Trails Quilt Trail Project. Learn more about the history of Barn Quilts and The Quilt Trail Project. 


If you are interested, I hope that you will take the time to make a day-trip or even a road-trip out of visiting one or more of these Barn Quilt Trails locations.


Frank and his sister, Andrea, made a Photography Calendar of some of her Quilts one year. As you will see, Andrea’s muse was Grace, her very precious sweetie Yellow Labrador Retriever. Andrea poured her heart, skill, and tireless energy into making beautiful Quilts! And if you were a recipient of one of her quilts, and you told her that it was too beautiful, such amazing work, you just wanted to hang it on your wall… she would tell you, ‘Use it! Wrap up and snuggle in it! Put it on your bed! Don’t worry, it’ll wash!’  

We are very fortunate to have a few of Andrea’s made-with-love quilts. She brought so much love and beauty to this world! It seems that she was always working on something to share, at least one quilt, at least one new recipe, planning at least one huge gathering, hugging at least one of her dogs… so much love!


There are several very talented quilters in Frank’s family. My Grandmas weren’t quilters but they sewed and made quilts and I’ve made some simple quilts. Have you made any? Do you have any stories of Quilts or Quilting that you’d like to share?

Write to us and if you have photos of quilts you’ve made that you’d like me to include in an upcoming blog/letter, please just let me know! How fun it would be to share YOUR work on Tracks by the Post!


Wishing you a Happy Week ahead!

Gently Be,

Leslie and Frank


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