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22: in there somewhere

22: in there somewhere


Dear Friend,


How are you doing right now? I hope that you are having a comfortable day. No matter what activities you’ve planned, (or perhaps, wandered into), I hope that your world is gentle!


This is a dangerous time for me to be writing a letter. Sometimes that happens, I feel as if I could write and write, and often, and luckily, out of such streams of blathery drivel a shiny new idea plinks out onto the page.


But, I would not want to purposefully share blathery drivel so I won’t put you through it. In fact, today I am merely sending a simple postcard.


Natural rock tower with streams flowing down
Spring Slides from the Land of Beyond

Wish you were here.


With gratitude that you’ve checked in to read Tracks by the Post and with the utmost respect for your time and energy, Thank You!


It has been an unusually busy week for us; next week promises a better possibility for Frank and I to collaborate with photos and writings.  


In the meantime, I hope that you have pondered my drawing of Spring Slides on this warm day in the desert, and have imagined if and how you might venture to the top… perhaps you have imagined that you are already in there somewhere, maybe swimming in one of the pools? Jot us a note and let us know where to look for you. Or just write and tell us how you’re doing. We always enjoy hearing from you!


Wishing you a Very Happy Week Ahead!


Gently Be!


Leslie and Frank


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