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13: comfort zones

Dear Friend,


It’s so good of you to be here to read Tracks by the Post on this beautiful, busy Sunday! Are you doing fun things with your day? Maybe you are celebrating the day in the comfort of your own home? Or are you on your way to a shelter to adopt a dog? Or cat or bunny? Maybe you’re visiting family or friends? Whatever it is that you are doing today, I hope that it brings you lots of smiles. It would be lovely to be there with you, listening to your stories and hearing happy laughs… but instead I’m sending peaceful thoughts to you and yours, hugs through space and time.


What we think is supposed to happen is almost always different from how things turn out. I mention 'change' in just about every Tracks letter/blog (this is the 66th letter and I’m doing it again).


The word ‘Change.’


It’s Big -  a forty-story building, a wild-fire, a lottery-win, a new baby… or it can be something like an idea or an acceptance. And because we are all so very different, we don’t feel the same way even if the change is identical … (Ok, we’re friends and everything, but we’re simply not the same person). (Go ahead and thank your lucky stars, it won’t hurt any of my feelings). 


How many changes have happened in your world in the past day, week, month, year? How many of them did you plan for? Maybe not all of the changes have been pleasant. If that is the case, I’m sorry that I reminded you and I very sincerely hope that things will smooth out soon.


Change can be uncomfortable, it can feel wrong and it can be a bad fit for our ‘normal,’ and that is one of the reasons it hurts or scares or exhausts. It can let fire-breathing dragons into our comfort zones. Change can also make us feel like we are failing. But, in my opinion, failing is the part of change that really gets a bad rap.


Failing is part of growing, trying, understanding… it is the shavings, evaporations, the leftovers of what makes the world a better, safer, more comfortable place to be. Failure is necessary and too often in the shadows.


When is the last time you tried something totally 'new to you?' Did you get it right the first time? Did you try again? It’s funny how tempting it can be to stay put in our comfort zones. But not you… you expand that zone and buckle down, learning new languages and recipes, you ask questions and weigh out answers, you recognize that you don’t know everything and decide to learn, striving to share what you discover, to continue that cycle of working to learn…  


Wow … how big is your comfort zone?   

My Grandpa told me that there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. (You might be asking yourself, “Why would he say that to Leslie?”  Well, I honestly can’t count the reasons).


I guess when an older person asks a younger person, “Why would you want to do that?” The younger person should have a better reason than, “Just to see if I can.”


As we spend time in nature, we are constantly reminded that change is life. Consider all of the changes that our good friend, Water, has to face as it performs the Water Cycle, making this world inhabitable, giving us life … what if water decided to stay in its comfort zone? What if icicles refused to melt? That’s just not the way water is. Read about The Consciousness and Intelligence of Water.


Can you feel the weather changing? Stand outside and close your eyes, can you sense spring in the air? Do you feel your own sort of snow-melt happening?


Frank created this medley of his nature videos combined with a gentle, ethereal piano piece composed and performed by Lee Hoffman to Welcome Spring!  Thank you, Lee, for sharing your beautiful music with EgretTracks! On behalf of Lee and Frank, I will say, it is certainly a blast to collaborate!


Frank and I are grateful to be able to spend time in nature and we truly appreciate having this place to share with YOU!

Thank you for your care to check in with us each week. Please contact us if you’d like to share stories or just say ‘Hey!’


Wishing you a happy week ahead,


Gently Be,

Leslie and Frank


Find out more about Lee Hoffman and VoiceMusicality

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