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7: a Valentine

Dear Friend,

What is new in your world? What are your plans for the week? Does Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, hold any special place in your heart, or are you just glad that it doesn’t happen more than once a year?

Ok, come with me on this “what if…”

It would be awesome to just throw caution to the wind and go to an animal shelter and adopt a dog on Valentine’s day. We could name the doggy, Kisses. (I’m pretty sure a dog from an animal shelter would already have a name).

It would be fun to have a dog along on our journey, but it really can’t happen, vet bills are way too expensive, healthy dog food is, too, and there really isn’t room in the truck right now for a dog to ride along comfortably, so it’s not going to happen. It would just be awesome if it could.

My mom used to tell me that I what-if-ed too much. To me, what-if-ing is like creating… only it’s imaginary and, besides, it truly doesn’t hurt anyone. Take for instance the following thought path:

First, I might consider, if I had a duck, I’d name it Hug. Hug the Duck. Then for no reason, I’d immediately think of changing the words to Mairzy Doats… Ducks like hugs and dogs like hugs and fuzzy bats like candy, a birdy takes bathies too, so should you.

This what-if didn’t hurt anyone and I quite enjoyed singing that.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is near – two days from today, and today is Super Bowl Sunday! What’s the day after Super Bowl Sunday called? Bummer Monday? Maybe there isn’t even a name for it, yet. But Tuesday is Valentine’s Day and I know several people who will be scurrying about that day, making sure that everyone they love gets a Valentine.

I’m very sorry that I didn’t get my act together to make you a Valentine. How about if I sing you a song?

Ducks like hugs and dogs like hugs and fuzzy bats like candy, a birdy takes bathies too, so should you!

I hope that you have a very nice week! We are very grateful to you for your thoughts, prayers, and care to read this very silly letter. It should be more serious next week…

Gently Be,


Mairzy Doats written by Milton Drake, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston - 1943 - Thanks, guys!



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