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5: adventure begins!

Updated: Feb 27

Dear Friend,

I hope that you have been feeling well and happy this past week, that is what I wish for you all of the time.

What is on your schedule for the week? Maybe you’ll find yourself with extra time to do something that you have been wanting to do! That is always a good thing.

Right now, we’re getting ready to leave. Just a couple of little things to do first, I need to finish this letter, brush all of my teeth, and then we will give farewell hugs to our host and Miss B. We’ve had a wonderful visit here.

It’s too dark to see exactly what is happening in the sky this early morning, the wind is blowing in long gusts and a storm is expected to bring rain and then snow within a couple of hours. This makes total sense because today, this very morning, our truck/travel adventure begins!

Very funny. We have a shovel. We also have warm gear and a way to make fire. I’ll joke more about that later. I should probably take this a lot more seriously.

It isn’t a huge storm but we will be heading over the Sierras (east and then south) and I wish I could tell you exactly where we’ll be going after that, but at this moment, we don’t even know that information. We’ll have to work with the weather on this one.

In next week’s letter I am quite certain that I will be able to tell you where we wound up the first night of our adventure. Maybe it will be an exciting story! But it’s nearly 5:00 am now and I have to wrap up my 5th letter to you and get on the road … Good writing, Leslie. I should apologize for even thinking of posting this but here it is.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and I look forward to reading about you and your world, just send me a note via my Contact page.

A predawn thought for the day: We’ll have everything - when we can finally admit - that we always have.

I'm grateful for you.

Gently Be,


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