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46: the Grand Canyon and Friends

Updated: Feb 27

Dear Friend,

As always, I hope that you have had a good week and that you are doing well.

Today, the moon sets in the late afternoon. That means that all day long the moon will be a sliver, smiling down at you! And it also means that the night sky will be dark. How convenient, because the Northern Taurids meteor shower reaches its peak tonight. The experts don’t expect that you’ll see more than 4 or 5 shooting stars an hour but even 1 zipping across the sky can be fun to see! Will you make a wish?


I had a really nice visit with my friend in Temecula this past week. We each had our own work to accomplish each day, and in between, it was good to catch up and hike, and we even spent a day at the SAN DIEGO SAFARI (WILD ANIMAL) PARK. So much fun to see these beautiful animals cared for and thriving in this spacious and safe environment. Meanwhile, Frank made his way to the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona. Camping on the South Rim, the temperatures have been very chilly, the morning windows iced. But even in freezing temps, it is still the Grand Canyon, and Frank has his camera – out!

It isn’t unusual for us to wind up meeting dogs and their people while out on this adventure. Meet Frank’s newest friends.

These four rescue pups, Sammy, Sedona, Korra and Joe, enjoy all road trips – they love to camp – and they are so excited to go on adventures, even if it’s just a short drive up the highway. Most recently, they’ve traveled with their Doggy Dad, Jesus, all the way from home in San Pedro, California, to the Grand Canyon!

As we travel around from one town to the next, we are aware of (and grateful for) the freedom to do so. We’d like to acknowledge that Jesus has spent a large portion of his life working alongside many others with the specific goal of maintaining peace in our country. Jesus told Frank that these pups bring him a lot of joy and calm, “after a hectic day at work, it is so nice to come home to them.” And Frank agrees, these dogs are a special pack. Good, happy energy.

Our thanks to Doggy Dad, Jesus, along with Korra in orange, Sammy in pink, Sedona in purple, and Joe in blue, for sharing your happy faces with Tracks by the Post! Travel Safely, Friends!

If you have room in your home and heart for a new dog or cat (or bird, bunny, etc…) there are so many animals that need your loving care. And please know that we understand, along with the joy and comfort that they bring, there is a lot to consider. A commitment of time, energy, and resources all go in to making the decision to adopt a pet.

Do you have a pet rescue experience that you’d like to share? Please write to me, I always love to hear from you and I’d love to read your story!

Well, it’s a new week. I don’t know where Frank is headed next (he will be letting me know as soon as he decides). As for me, I’m writing to you from Alabama this morning. It was dark by the time I arrived at my brother’s home last night so I haven’t seen what’s growing around here. I’m super looking forward to our visit this week!

Many thanks to Frank for all of the amazing Canyon photos and for interviewing Jesus and pups! I know that Frank is planning to share more from the road in next week’s letter.

And thank YOU for your good thoughts and caring prayers. We’re very grateful that you are there and that you check in to see what we’re up to! For now, I wish you a happy week ahead!

Gently Be,

Leslie (and Frank)



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