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44: the moon and other faces

Updated: Feb 27

Dear Friend,

Did you see the Moon and Jupiter hanging out together early this morning? Mercury and the Sun, on the opposite side of planet Earth, were also enjoying a visit together and though I could only see them with my Sky Guide App, it’s nice to know that they are all out there (or is it up there)? What is your point of view? You know that they are there but what do you think about them?

It’s true that we can see them especially at night, the moon and other faces of light. Stars. Planets. We do know a lot about what they are, but what else do we really know about them? Are they part of a much bigger picture? Do they hold ancient clues to life on other planets, in other galaxies? What do you think? What do you believe right now?

Does our little sky in the infinity of space cross your mind very often?

To me, the expanse of infinity is mind-boggling. Why is it so vast? Are we meant to wonder about it? Is it important that we solve some sort of riddle? Is there a reason for all of these mysteries?

I’m pretty sure the moon knows.

Life is a mystery. How we come to be born seems like an impossible feat, but we’re here! And, have you ever thought about what happens (to us afterwards) when we die? Sure, death is a topic that most people avoid until Halloween throws a bunch of candy at it and it’s suddenly OK and even fun to talk about.

It seems that we’re all grateful for life. But we are, each one of us, so different in so many ways that no two people could possibly have exactly the same thoughts when it comes to pondering death and the stuff that happens in between being born and passing away.

While learning about the stuff in between, I do sometimes think about death. I don’t dwell-in-sadness on it but in my attempt to learn more about life, I do have wonders about the afterwards.

“Thanks,” I tell myself, “for letting me wonder. You are welcome.” (Yes, it usually is a short and pleasant conversation).

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned that Frank and I collaborate on projects.

And Don’t Forget the Moon, is a children’s story (that I wrote and we are illustrating with Frank's photography) about Wishing. Our sets are packed up in storage but we’re thinking of finishing the project with nature on the road. Why not? I’ve asked these characters to sleep on it before giving me their opinions.

The Moon (cameo in Full Face mode) has already weighed in and is super OK with whatever the ‘stars’ decide. We’ll keep you posted.

And it’s been a while since you’ve seen this guy’s face. Winchester had an early start in front of the camera. Here he is as poster boy for John Deere at 8 weeks old. He had a beautiful attitude during his first photoshoot with Frank.

Photo-shoots came with lots of cuddles and a smackeral of some sort, maybe a couple pieces of kibble... No wonder that this boy grew up to LOVE a solo photo-shoot!

While I measured for his costume, he wagged his tail-y and waited patiently as I sewed, and he wagged again when I dressed him. He was a perfect angel and seemed to enjoy wearing this devil costume just for the day.

(You’re right, we need a dog).

What do you have planned for the week ahead? If you want to share about festivities or any other thing,  CONTACT ME it will be fun to know what you are up to!

Sending our gratitude to you for keeping us in your caring thoughts, and thank you for being here to read Tracks by the Post! More from the road next time.

Gently Be,

Leslie and Frank

To see more of Frank’s work, please visit

PS: If you’d like, here is the Autumn Newsletter from DORLAND MOUNTAIN ARTS

Pps: To see work by two of our dear friends and lovely artists, Lisa and Troy, visit Jade and Jewels Gift Shop, a magnificently unique and fun, brick and mortar store in Albany, California.

Ppps: Tracks by the Post housekeeping news...You might have noticed that my website is getting slower and slower and sometimes takes a while to load; I want you to know that I appreciate your patience! I’m doing what I can and will be making hosting changes (behind the scenes) soon.

Pppps: Have a good week!


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