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37: good things

Updated: Feb 27

Dear Friend,

It seems like way more than just one week has passed since I wrote to you about sculptures. How have you been? Are you settling in to your Autumn routine? What do you think of Fall, is it your favorite season? Sports and school, work and commitments, I hope that you are also enjoying time with friends, a fun project, your new puppy!

Today is the day that marks Winchester’s birthday. He was an incredibly easy guy to shop for. He appreciated. A gift was good vibes his direction. Have you ever watched a dog open a present? He excelled! I feel that his goodness is worth mentioning today because he really did leave the world a better place; that’s a wonderful goal; thanks, WB!

Frank has been extremely busy this week on things other than photography. It has been a productive week for both of us but he has been the Hero that has re-sealed the windows in the truck-shell so that when it rains again, we have a much better chance of maintaining a comfortable sleeping environment. Damp and dank, boo-hiss.

He also has improved our solar panel situation; a better one now rides atop the truck, nabbing energy whenever the sun shines. We won’t toss our old suit-case-type panel but it took up a lot of room and since we don’t need it with us, it will stay behind. This will free up space inside the truck cab for a guitar!

For us, music is part of health care. You get it, right? I won’t go on and on about the benefits of creating. Suffice it to say, we’re grateful to have a guitar with us. Yay!

Our rain tarp hasn’t been tested in strong winds, didn’t repel water after a good soaking, doesn’t provide much covered area. It does set up fairly quickly and was not expensive, and as long as the wind isn’t too strong, we can use it as a sun-shade. Anyway, it’s still with us in the truck but might be replaced if we find something better, poor little thing.

Sounds like we’re preparing to be out on the road for the winter. There are so many options to bat about. A pull behind trailer? Bigger shell? Camper?

Opting for ‘as is, with improvements,’ we are old enough to be grateful that we’ve made it this far.

Wind and I have an understanding; I understand that it blows. Rain is a different thing. I used to love to go running in storms and have heard, “doesn’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain” applied to me countless times (yes, even on a sunny day). I haven’t ever minded rain ... but we're hoping to do what we can to keep it outside.

Temperatures are a real concern, too. Over the years, we’ve camped in a variety of temperatures and have weighed their pros and cons. We agree that, for us, it is easier to get warm than it is to cool off. Heat is exhausting, ruins our fresh food, requires more ice. Cold is uncomfortable but has been easier to escape. What are your thoughts?

Since you might miss seeing Frank's pictures this week, I decided to share some photos of the photographer!

I like this guy quite a bit.


This is a screen shot of where I was (blue dot) and where Frank was (Heron avatar) on that morning he hiked to the waterfalls and met a bear on his way back. (The bear is there, somewhere).


Well, we hope that you are surrounded by good things. We thank you for your care to be here and for your time to read Tracks by the Post!

Please  Contact Me and let me know how YOU are doing. (If you want, I’d appreciate knowing your druthers regarding temperatures, is it easier for you to be too cold or too hot)?

I actually hope that you are neither too cold or too hot... I hope that you are just right!

And as always,

Gently Be,

Leslie and Frank


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