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18: beyond words

Updated: Feb 27

Dear Friend,

Have you had a good week? I know how busy things can be for you, and a lot can happen in seven days. Mixed in with your daily responsibilities, I hope that you’ve also had fun, rest and adventure!

Of course, we have stories about our week, maybe to be shared at another time. The following photos take you to Southern Utah. The views are beyond words!

beyond words

Over time and weather, change,

the land becomes sculpture, shapes and figures, creature and man,

colors of the flowers and the trees… the sand and stone,

colors of your hair, curls and wisps,

your eyes, deep and light,

your skin, smooth and rough, harsh and gentle…

expanse beyond words,

but a cloud looks down and sees heaven.


As always, thank you for your thoughtful thinks and caring prayers. We are grateful to know that you are there and that you are checking in to Tracks by the Post to see what we’re up to, Thank you!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how you are doing! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a wonderful week!

Gently Be,

Leslie and Frank

Please visit Frank’s website to view more of Frank’s Photography.




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