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1: Happy New Year!

Updated: Feb 27

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are doing exactly what you have always wanted to do on the first day of a January!

I'm writing today to share my first EgretTracks' blog with you. I have titled this writing series, "Tracks by the Post."

How often I will add future, additional blogs will depend upon circumstances and ideas as they unfold ... my best guess is that I'll post once a week, (because of internet availability, not because I only have one idea per week).

If you are wondering about my Blog Icon: There is a blue post at the intersection of two pathways in the Land of Beyond, (Beyond the Weakened Thread). Though none of the signage on the dear little four-way post is actually helpful, the post itself stands as an ever-reliable landmark.

As Sir Emery would say, "A landmark is to a traveler as full is to my belly."

Ok, Emery, I agree that landmarks are positive things; when all else changes, we can still be sure of these familiar places. And since change is a constant as we navigate our lives, landmarks are like reassuring friends along the way.

Speaking of navigating, my life is currently taking me in a new direction. There will be new landmarks to discover and old ones to appreciate again. I look forward to sharing with you from the road.

I'm grateful for the encouragement and kindness I have already been gifted as I prepare for adventure!

Please feel free to visit my contact page and send me a note if you would like.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and until next time,

Gently Be,

Leslie Bevans

PS: If you'd like to know more about Beyond the Weakened Thread, please visit the Bookshop at EgretTracks or read reviews by other readers. Thanks!



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