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15: comfort

Dear Friend,

I’m outside. A ruby-throated hummingbird keeps dive-bombing me so I’ve just moved my chair again. (Sorry I didn't get a photo of the hummingbird)! Such beauty out in this garden. Mockingbird runs through its repertoire, a rooster announces daylight, woodpeckers are squee-squaw-squeeking, mourning doves are cooing, a ground squirrel is foraging through the drippy grasses. It rained yesterday; tired clouds of wrung-out-gray are drifting along under a morning sky of blue, the air is crisp, the ground is green, and the breeze is brisk! I wish I could share all of this beauty and sound with you! Perhaps if you were to step outside where ever you are, you would also wish to share what you see and hear with me?


Yesterday, as I arrived at this place, (another incredible housesitting venue), my mind happened to be in a knot of thought, a tangle of what-iffing, and I looked up as a blue heron flew across my view. It has happened this way for years when my thoughts are swarmed with tangled knots, worries… when I least expect it, a heron or egret will fly across my view and I will instantly feel a sense of comfort. Everything is going to be ok. Of course, I’m grateful for this sense of comfort. Could it just be a coincidence that I see herons or egrets when I’m thinking too much? (smile)


What is a comfort to you? A cosy sweater? Soothing music? Yummy food? Maybe being around certain animals or people? Can you think of something that instantly brings you a sense of reassurance? A sense that Everything is going to be ok… ?


Frank and I both love to go for walks and hikes (with each other and independently). We each have always felt our heart’s best when being in open spaces, forests, deserts, on mountains or by the ocean, in stillness or breezes, under the stars or broad daylight… we both find solace in the world of outside… and if you have read through Tracks by the Post 2023, you know that we both have incredible gratitude for every moment that we get to spend out in nature.


While we’ve been ‘off the road,’ housesitting and such, we have been grateful every day to be able to focus on getting other work done. We are daily mindful and thankful that we have indoor plumbing, and that we haven’t had to construct shelters for cooking in wind or rain storms.


What about our plans? Sure, we have made them, but plans often change. And, it turns out, adaptability is another thing that Frank and I have in common. As I mentioned in my letter last week, the truck that we use for being 'on the road' suddenly had a transmission issue that would have been incredibly difficult to attend to if we had been ‘out in the boonies.’  Frank fixed the problem with the help of YouTube and his years of experience. He also appreciated the encouraging moral support from his brother, a couple of his friends, and me - we all believed that he could do it and we told him so. That sort of reassurance is also a comfort. Comfort, encouragement, reassurance… it costs absolutely nothing to give, and at the same time, it is absolutely priceless.


We keep you in our daily Thanksgivings and find comfort in knowing that you check into Tracks by the Post. And we hope that you’ll write to us, whether or not your world is serving up changes or tricky tangles, whether or not you have mind-blowing news…. it is a treat to hear from you, it is good to keep in touch! Sending you hugs and wishes for a peaceful week ahead.


Gently Be,

Leslie and Frank

This letter is short but it matters that I send it because it is about an important part of being ... none of us are invincible. We ask each other, "How are you?" and we answer, "I'm fine." What if we aren't fine? Maybe we can comfort each other.

To comfort is: to cheer, console, support, assist, give solace, relieve, encourage, assure and can lead to strengthening, healing, balancing and nurturing hope. You are a comfort.

Frank photographed the above heron and egret on different days in the recent past. Check in to Frank's website FBPHOTO.COM to see more of his nature photos.


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